Upstart Fest 2016



the-queersThe Queers

We at Upstart Fest are super stoked to be hosting The Queers for this years tour…Collectively they are one of our staffs pop punk heroes and we are proud to be able to drag them along for this years party


YES!!! Svetlanas return to the Upstart Fest this year! Unable to join the tour last year due to being not able to return to the country after Warped Tour, Svetlanas will be back for every date in 2016…So for all of their fans who were asking why no Svetlanas last year…They’re coming! So Get Ready!!

the-fantastic-plasticsThe Fantastic Plastics

This must see Retrofuturistic act will bring you back to the future as well as forward to the past…They are very fun, very different, and yet very familiar. Don’t miss this set!


Wicked Awesome Boston Punks OC45 return to Upstart Fest again this year! added again due to popular demand by you (well those of you who wrote in asking for them again…and there were a lot of you) So get ready to shake your fist and sing along to their anthems of life, lust and loss.

kyle-trocollaKyle Trocolla

Once again Kyle Trocolla will be riding along with our band of Punk Rock Miscreants giving us his solo perspective on the world and all it’s beauty, cruelty, malice and kindness…Kyle is a wordsmith for all time with songs that can and will stand the test.

The-Jukebox-RomanticsThe Jukebox Romantics

Upstart veterans, fun as fuck, and all around good guys, The Jukebox Romantics return with their brand of fast relentless punk rock…Gotta love em.

American-TelevisionAmerican Television

Excellent super fun Pop Punk out of our Nations Capital…You think watching this shit between Hillary and Donald is entertainment? wait till you catch American Television’s set.

Menace-To-SobrietyMenace To Sobriety

Tough as fuck Philly Street Punk these kids deliver the goods…Fast, hard and with a few bruises along the way…Don’t Miss This Set!!

Triple-DeuceTriple Deuce

The Ass-A-Holas of Rock & Rolla! Triple Deuce…One of our favorite Punk & Roll bands made up of members of the Hudson Falcons, Electric Frankenstein, Broken Heroes and Michael Graves’ band…This act has the experience and the chops and are an absolute must see set!

A-Minor-RevolutionA Minor Revolution

If you are a fan of Ska Punk as we Upstart are. Do yourself a favor and check out A Minor Revolution, these guys do it right, Killer musicianship solid lyrics and a fun as fuck live show…what more you need?

The-Lost-RiotsThe Lost Riots

Hey do you dig 70’s style punk rock?? If you do then The The Lost Riots are for you!

Pink-SockPink Sock

Fun, Frantic, and a little Fanatic…We like Pink Sock and we think you will too.

The-Split-SecondsThe Split Seconds

The Split Seconds have a classic 70’s early 80’s pop punk style that is irresistible and reminiscent of those bands that probably got you interested in punk to begin with.

Derek-RossiDerek Rossi

Derek will be doing some acoustic punk sets along the way, giving us a glimpse of the inner man and showing off his song writing skills…it’s good shit.

Dr-Beardface-and-the-SpacemanDr. Beardface and the Spaceman

Dr. Beardface and the Spaceman : We are Very excited to be adding Dr. Beardface And The Spaceman to this years tour, They have a great classic punk/rockabilly infused sound reminiscent of X or the Cramps but they are definitely doing their own thing and we really dig it.