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1_Turbo_ACsTurbo AC’s

Born on the street’s of New York City, forged of Iron and blood the Turbo AC’s have stood the test of time as one of New Yorks old guard of Punk Rock, keeping it real for themselves and their fans since 1995 the Turbo AC’s are a fast fun ride you just have to take to appreciate.


2_Koffin_KatsKoffin Kats

Relentlessly Touring the United States and Europe these Detroit Boy’s have delivered over a thousand of their booze soaked tattoo laden shows all around the western hemisphere, a Koffin Kats show is a high energy,legendary, possibly even life changing experience not to be missed.


3_New_Red_ScareNew Red Scare

New Red Scare are an aggressive politically charged bunch of revolutionaries who have had enough of the state this Nation is in, as well as the state rock and roll is in. And once you see them and their incredibly dynamic and physical show you will be rushing to join their Whiskey Revolution.


4_Hudson-_alconsHudson Falcons

OK all you Working Class Motherfuckers, The Hudson Falcons are coming, and they are bringing their tried and true, tested and union approved brand of kick ass punk & roll along with them…if you know these road warriors you know what you’re in for, and if you don’t…well get your ass to the show and check out one of the most influential bands of the last two decades.



Straight from the U.S.S.R. Svetlanas were once all KGB, and their cover in the U.S. and Great Britain was that of an aggressive punk band…The Fall of the Soviet Union brought on many changes for the Svetlanas, leaving Mother Russia and some plastic surgery was just the beginning of their new lives, now without a country Svetlanas have found a life living out their past cover and traveling from City to City staying one step ahead of the Russian authorities, the CIA and MI6 playing loud fast punk rock to stay alive…You gotta see this fucking act!


6_The_Jukebox_RomanticsThe Jukebox Romantics

New York miscreants The Jukebox Romantics can be summed up in one word…FUN, they effortlessly combine several genres of rock & roll into a single cohesive fast paced punk rock joy ride, that their fans have become rabid for, and understandably so…they tour relentlessly bringing their style of punk all across the United States and appearing on almost every notable fest or tour in the country, such as Vans Warped Tour, SXSW, VOV, The Fest and so many more, and we are very happy to welcome them back again to this years Upstart Fest.



Raging from the club scene of the CT underground, Two Fisted Law have become one of the most respected punk journeymen in the Northeast. Bringing fierce guitar chops and aggressive gang vocals with a vengeance they have tattooed their name in punk history. A Two Fisted law show is not to be missed, and certainly won’t be forgotten.

7_Lost_In_SocietyLost In Society

Taking the music world by storm. Lost In Society have been making a huge amount of noise in the last twenty four months, releasing 2 records, four videos and appearing on just about every punk and indie fest available including Warped Tour, SXSW, VOV, Pouza, CMJ, and our own Upstart Fest, they also managed to throw in several cross country tours of their own in there as well. How did they do so much so fast? Their indie/punk sound, and song writing abilities are undeniably solid, mix that with a high energy really fun live show, and not being afraid to put in the work to get it done and you have the recipe for a band on the rise.


8_American_PinupAmerican Pinup

American Pinup is an extraordinarily talented band who magically mix bits of Rockabilly, Punk, and Ska, into their own unique genre that is impossible to deny. Their live show is a must see and front woman Lauren West’s vocals are second to none…see them once and we guarantee you will be sold.


9_The_ScandalsThe Scandals

New Jersey Street Punks The Scandals have an undeniable sound full of catchy riffs and anthemy whoa-ohs that are certain to whip any and all show goers into a frenzy and we guarantee you will remember their show.


10_Cry-HavocCry Havoc

Connecticut Hardcore Punk…pretty much say’s it all right there…Cry Havoc delivers it Fast, Fun, and Hard, These guys drop it old school, the way hardcore should be.


11_Fort_StreetFort Street

Catchy and melodic Fort Street leans in the direction of bands like Face to Face and Bad Religion, while keeping their feet firmly planted in their own sound, with incredibly tight musicianship and strong lead vocals this band is one to watch out for.



A Traditional Boston Punk act on the rise, OC45 is aggressive high energy, in your face punk rock, they are a relentless bunch, delivering their loud and fast style of punk like a one two punch followed by a shot of Jameson.


13_The_ObviousThe Obvious

New Jersey’s The Obvious, have this quiet loud quiet style, that pulls you in gently then smashes you over the head with aggressive anger and heart wrenching angst, followed by an unremorseful, sexy, and affectionate kiss. a must see band.


14_Done_With_YouDone With You

These Brooklyn Punks will rock your fucking faces off with their kick ass blend of old school Punk and Hardcore, a Done With You show is a fast fun treat not to be missed…so don’t miss it!


15_The_Murder_WeaponThe Murder Weapon

Legendary Psychobilly band The Murder Weapon combines great lyrics with rippin’ guitar riffs and a mega tight rhythm section into one of the Northeast’s best Psycho bands to date.


16_Bourbon_ScumBourbon Scum

Rock & Roll, Cheap Booze, Fast Women…That’s About It…need More?


17_Amrev_IIAmrev II

Anti-Establishment Ska/Punk at it’s best, Amrev II mixes intelligent lyrics with super fun skank worthy tunes that are sure to get you dancing and keep you thinking long after the show is over.


18_The_Old_EdisonThe Old Edison

One of the finest Folk/Punk bands to come along in sometime, while many many bands are jumping on the new wave of folk, The Old Edison has it’s roots firmly planted in the earthy heart of traditional folk and rootsy rock and roll…make no mistake The Old Edison know where they come from and know where they are going…be sure to check them out.


19_Doomed_To_ObscurityDoomed To Obscurity

One of Philadelphia’s Premiere Punk Bands, Doomed To Obscurity are exactly what Upstart Fest is all about. They play honest music from the heart calling out the posers and hipsters with no apologies for their old school in your face punk rock sound…this is an excellent band with an excellent live show that is not to be missed.


20_TheCaughtFliesThe Caught Flies

These New Hampshire Boy’s are a little edgier and a little dirtier than most Psychobilly bands rocking at the moment. Yeah it’s Billy, but with a healthy dose of fuck you punk, And that’s why we thought they were a perfect addition to this years tour…Check em out!



DC’s Premiere Hardcore Punk band Walk The Plank are sure to bring a physical and blistering set to this years tour that you won’t forget. How can we be so sure? Because thats what they bring to every set…110% High Speed Aggression, it’s a show you have to see to appreciate.


Hot Blood

New Jersey New Comers Hot Blood are joining the ranks of Upstart Fest veterans with their hardcore punk style, and once you witness their on stage energy you will agree they have earned their stripes as an up and coming act to be reckoned with…Don’t Miss This Band!



2013 Venues

Thurs | Sept 12, 2013

The_Northstar_BarNorth Star Bar
Philadelphia, PA

Fri | Sept 13, 2013

CrocodileRockCrocodile Rock
Allentown, PA
ALL Ages Show
Doors open at 5:30pm

Sat | Sept 14, 2013

AsburyLanesAsbury Lanes
Asbury Park, NJ

Sun | Sept 15, 2013

The-Knitting-FactoryThe Knitting Factory
Brooklyn, NY

Wed | Sept 18, 2013

Albany, NY

Thurs | Sept 19, 2013

El N Gee ClubEl N Gee Club
New London, CT

Fri | Sept 20, 2013

The-ChanceThe Chance Theater
Poughkeepsie, NY

Sat | Sept 21, 2013

The Middle EastThe Middle East
Cambridge, MA

Sun | Sept 22, 2013

genosGeno’s Rock Club
Portland, ME

*Door Times, Ticket Prices and Lineups will vary by date, Please Check Local Sites for Info.*